Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In Class Contribution Essay

Honestly, in this class, I would grade myself with at least a 90 in participation. I regularly attend class, the few times that I have missed I have tried to let you know and have also had decent reasons for missing. I try to vocalize my opinion during class discussions when appropriate and also listen and comprehend other peoples opinions and views to give concise replies. I listen and comprehend what you have to say as well. There is a difference between hearing someone speak, and listening to someone speak. I listen, not hear. I've tried my best with the grammar shmammer, even though one person from our group dropped the class and we were left not knowing when or what our next grammar shmammer was on. I like to think that we did the best we were able to given the circumstances. However, In no way am I blaming the other member who dropped the class what so ever. I did the majority of the readings even though we rarely discussed them. At the end of the day though, no matter my final grade in the class, I can truthfully say that I learned in this class. I will leave this class with knowledge I did not posses prior to this class. Thank you Sweeney, you're not just a professor, you're a TEACHER.


  1. You was the best at discussions during class.

  2. Thanks bud! You had a lot of good contributions too! Personally, I love discussions and debates.